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Welcome to your Generative Art Processing Workshop!

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Course by Roman for OTS Brussels

I'm glad you're here, and I hope you're too! In this workshop, you will learn 3 things. First, you will discover what programming language is and basis of its usage. Second, you'll learn specificities of Processing, allowing for quick drawing and sweet visualisations. Last, the topic of this workshop, you'll get your hands on generative art: using your computer to generate complex artful representation out of simple rules. We hope you will enjoy your stay here!

This is the first iteration of the materials, so it might still be a bit messy. Don't hesitate to give us some feedback on how well (bad?) we did! Unfortunately this time the workshop is picture free but we promise we'll add some for its next iterations.

As for programming, the main aim is for you to have a basic grasp of it and what you can do with it as well as to realise its potential as an artistic medium. For that we’ll use Processing. As any OTS workshops, you will have a guideline to make you discover things bits by bits. But on the other side, the emphasis here is on creation, your creation. Please, don't be afraid to get out of the beaten track: experiment on what you've learned, express yourself. That's the main aim of the artistic part of the workshop. Don't be in a rush to finish the material, you can always come back to it later, it's meant to stay online.

Two advices for beginners programmers:

  1. Don't copy paste. While it might seem as a quick way to advance the material, you will learn less. The more you will write, the more you will remember. And even better, whenever there are number used, try to tweak them, modify them a bit, see what happens.
  2. Start searching by yourself when lost. You are part of a group during the workshop, you can always ask the other students, or the coaches, but it's a good reflex to always try to find out by yourself why there is an issue and how to solve it. You can search the Processing reference page, tutorials, forums or even post a question online yourself (knowing how to post a good question would need its own tutorial too...).

During the workshop, you’ll be granted the superpower of the Screenshot! Ancient technology will allow you to get straight from Processing a screenshot of your realisations. Please, share them with coaches, and don’t hesitate to add them in the Processing OTS event on meetup!

Now that we get to know each other, let's dive into the course itself.