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Course by Roman & Fabien for OTS Brussels

This workshop is still in beta, and you're getting to the bleeding edge part of it! Here are more ideas to explore than actual code to run. Feel free to explore the possibilities and if you have any questions or issues, be sure to refer to the coaches :) Enjoy the ride, even if now a bit more bumpy! And if you have any comments, please tell us, this part ( and the next) is a work in progress and is meant to be released for the next workshop.

a) Passive Display

The idea here is to have a simple display, not one that you can interact with. You can think of a few icons or text that updates you on your situation, the kind of stuff you often see in games but ... this time you're living the game!


// Rez: Number of cube activated / Number of cube. Position in Space .... + map + "gun sight" for the style.

Check the dat.gui library which offers avery easilly a basic overlay in the corner system.

b) Active Interface

An experimentation. What about if you had this menu in front of you, static, and that you could active its element with the onlonggaze() function we saw previously? Might make you dizzy, but there is a price for super power! We'll see together if it's a working choice.


c) Located interface

In previous sections, the interface was link with our camera. Such interface or simple displays can also be locked on an object, giving us information over it (how much energy an enemy has) or new possibilities of interaction (like in an RPG game for instance).