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Hypertext at the age of Virtual Reality

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Course by Roman & Fabien for OTS Brussels

Same as previously : This workshop is still in beta, and you're getting to the bleeding edge part of it! Here are more ideas to explore than actual code to run. Feel free to explore the possibilities and if you have any questions or issues, be sure to refer to the coaches :) Enjoy the ride, even if now a bit more bumpy! And if you have any comments, please tell us, this part ( and the previous) is a work in progress and is meant to be released for the next workshop.

a) How to define your scene

First of all, you need a common definition of what your scene is in order to move along them. You might want to have a simple webpage (which would mean that you rely on the actual web, implying a loading of pages each time) or a file, with a rendering framework that you would feed the file (then you must agree with all with a coherent language for the file description).


b) Creating a door to switch scenes

Nice to be able to move among scenes, but better to do it straight in your own world. Let's create doors between them, as links are used for hypertext.


c) Linking between existing scenes

Well, more or less a bettering of what was before...


Note: if you are using to host your page we will try to make a central page to enter other scenes.

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